Our expertise

Our work focuses on financial transactions and risk management coordination. The Axis Alternatives teams’ know-how is particularly well-established in the areas of quantitative analysis, insurance, commodities trading, corporate treasury and compliance, where we apply new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Organisational transformation

New regulations, technologies and ways of working require companies to reconsider their business models and constantly improve their performance.
Axis Alternatives helps its clients build appropriate responses to their sectors’ strategic changes, enabling them to make key operational modifications to drive their performance. Although each case is unique, the need for transformation generally involves adjusting or redefining functions and roles, implementing specific processes or upgrading information systems. All of our transformation projects have a specific component dedicated to supporting the client teams through the change management process, which is essential for fostering employee loyalty and ensuring the project’s success.


In a fast-paced evolving regulatory context, Axis Alternatives helps its clients strengthen their monitoring systems, from defining the necessary compliance measures to supporting operational implementation. Axis Alternatives works in all areas related to financial compliance, particularly financial security and market abuse, codes of conduct, data management, cybersecurity and conflict of interest avoidance.
We also participate actively in industry discussion on optimising resources for combating financial crime and the related operational processes.

Energy and commodities

Axis Alternatives helps organisations in this sector optimise their procurement, supply and asset management activities. Transportation and storage also play a role in optimisation, network balancing, arbitrage and distribution strategies.  Axis Alternatives works with all underlying energy assets (electricity, gas, coal, petroleum products and emissions) and in the areas of base and precious metals and agricultural commodities. Our knowledge of markets and physical and derivative contracts enables us to support our clients in a range of functions along the sector’s value chain, such as the management and definition of company strategy, risk management policy and operational implementation.

Digitalisation and data management

Digitalisation requires organisations and companies to constantly adapt and anticipate changes in their competitive environment. In parallel, developments such as big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain are all driving the digital transformation and raising fundamental questions about governance, management and data protection (responsibility, security, exhaustiveness, integrity and traceability).
Axis Alternatives is involved in all stages of digitalisation and data management projects: from scoping and defining methodologies, devising statistical models and learning algorithms, to implementing these solutions in line with the needs of each organisation and sector. Agility is central to our ability to propose innovative solutions.

Corporate treasury

The finance function has become one of companies’ key issues, and corporate treasury in particular is faced with constant technical, organisational and regulatory challenges.
Axis Alternatives’ dedicated teams have direct professional experience in corporate treasury functions, with practical knowledge of corporate culture, including financing, market operations, risk management, back office, cash management and cash and payment forecasting. Working closely with your internal departments, Axis Alternatives supports you in your operations and challenges relating to post-merger/acquisition integration, internal control and process and system optimisation.

Risk management and quantitative analysis

Risk management is Axis Alternatives’ historical core business.
In the area of risks relating to market operations (counterparty and market risk), our expertise in modelling and quantitative analysis is widely recognised and considered a benchmark, particularly on topics such as TRIM, and FRTB. In a context where, ten years after Basel II, the issues of managing credit risk are more prevalent than ever, we help our clients develop new activities and financing products and align their internal rating systems with the latest regulatory changes. In the area of liquidity risk, our quantitative expertise helps meet the challenges of liquidity management, limit calibration, reporting and asset-liability management (ALM). Axis Alternatives also works on issues related to managing operational and internal control risk in a context of increased regulatory pressure. We help our clients design and adapt their risk map, adapt their permanent control systems, and manage and analyse operating incidents.